Muscle Building Supplements Linked to Testicular Cancer

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A new study found an alarming connection between over-the-counter supplements and testicular cancer. Researchers discovered that men who consumed muscle-building supplements over an extended period of time were more likely to develop testicular cancer than men who did not. The risk increased if the men started before the age of 25 and took multiple supplements at a time. The products that carried the most risks were of course the ones that promised the greatest results. Chemists suggest avoiding creatine and products that contain chemicals such as boldenone, nandrolone or any supplement ingredient with the root word andro. This is on the heels of numerous reports last year of supplements containing amphetamine-like stimulants. To better protect yourself from potentially harmful products, look for supplements that have undergone independent laboratory testing. The NSF Certified for Sports and the Good Manufacturing Practice seals ensure the products you are consuming are safe and free of contaminants.


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