Adidas Looks to Put New Fitness Tracker in Schools

Wednesday 06th, April 2016 / 17:34 Written by
Adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit

Adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit/ Image Courtesy of Adidas

Earlier this week Adidas announced in partnership with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT), the first ever fitness watch designed specifically for P.E. classrooms. Adidas ZONE for IHT Spirit will be a comprehensive cloud–based assessment management system targeted to K-12 P.E. teachers to effectively monitor each student’s heart-rate and other biometrics to provide proper one-on-one coaching and training.

This comes at a time where less than have of all U.S. high school students meet federal standards for physical activity and P.E. departments across the country are increasingly faced with the threat of being reduced or cut entirely.

“In working with IHT, we found a partner that shared our vision of inspiring the next generation to lead healthy lives by making sport and fitness a life-long pursuit. We’re firm believers that healthy habits are easier to keep the earlier you start, so introducing tools and resources at the school-level offered the perfect place to lay such an important foundation,” said Stacey Burr, VP and General Manager of Adidas Digital Sports in a press statement.




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