Ricky Williams’ High Expectations

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Ricky WilliamsEx-NFL running back Ricky Williams has high expectations regarding his new venture into the world of fitness club ownership. Power Plant Fitness (appropriately named) located in San Francisco California will be the world’s first marijuana-friendly fitness club. Williams is partnering with Jim McAlpine, founder of the “420 Games” famous for holding nationwide athletic events for marijuana users. His events include triathlons, mountain bike races, golf and of course a 4.20 mile run.

“Having (Williams) as a partner is awesome because he exemplifies a successful and very athletic person who also uses cannabis,” McAlpine told complex.com. “The mission of my first venture (was) to show the world that cannabis is not bad as it does not make people lazy nor stupid. And it can be a healthy and productive part of an athlete’s life and training regimen.” The fitness club, which is scheduled to open in November, will allow members to use marijuana while working out. There will even be Power Plant branded edibles available at the snack bar designed for pre and post-workout training.

According to McAlpine the gym will offer a “cannabis performance assessment” to study the affect of marijuana on training. “It won’t be a place to get high and just screw around,” McAlpine wrote on his company’s website. “We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side.”

In an email to Tech Insider, McAlpine states that the fitness facility will look to cannabis as a supplement for focus and recovery. Each member will undergo a supervised assessment to see what is the “most optimal ways to consume.”

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